About Cat in a Box

Cat in a Box
is a book for beginning readers. It encourages growth in reading concepts. Your favorite cat lovers will get a kick out of Cat in a Box, too. Level One Reader.

Meet the Illustrator

Bonnie Lemaire's eternal optimism is the foundation of every drawing. Flowing from her pencils and tips of her brushes into her creative and eye catching pieces, comical and curious creatures dance on the page.  Children's book illustration is her passion.

Integrating eccentric creations within fantastical stories brings smiles to small faces, and delight to her readers all over the world.

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Cat in a Box

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0692802380
Category: Children's Books
Author: Mari Priscilla Hanson
Illustrator: Bonnie Lemaire

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"I am a teacher and love this book!

It is a great early reader as it helps learners to feel like a successful reader which promotes more reading! Love it!! Cute pics also!!"

— Renee D., Amazon Reviewer

"Charming early reader!!

What an absolute treat for early readers! (And grown ups too!) Darling illustrations, wonderful chart in the front to help children "sound out"--an all around delightful read!! Planning to buy more for my home school friends! :) Love it!"

— zackiss, Amazon Reviewer